At the University of Pikeville, we seek to understand this thing we call place. For us, place is much deeper than the first definition you might find in an online dictionary. Place is about location, but also about history, connection to the land, connection to people, and understanding of our own unique calling. Together we live, learn and grow as we explore our place in the world. It is an exploration that never ends.

Downtown Pikeville Kentucky

The Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine supports our local community through outreach and our clinic located on the fourth floor of the Coal Building.

KYCOM Outreach and Continuing Education

The Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine OMT Clinic accepts appointments from Community and Campus members.

The Appalachian Osteopathic Postgraduate Training Institute Consortium (A-OPTIC) is a consortium of postgraduate medical residency programs, hospitals and colleges of osteopathic medicine. The mission of A-OPTIC is to develop and support quality osteopathic postgraduate training opportunities to encourage its graduates to practice in underserved areas of the United States that include Appalachia and rural America.

KYCOM holds an annual Primary Care CME and Alumni Weekend each fall semester on the University of Pikeville campus. Each year different themes are presented. This year’s CME weekend is TBA, follow the link below for most up to date CME information.

It’s important to keep your contact information up to date with the university to hear about KYCOM alumni events, CME and major announcements. For the latest KYCOM Alumni events visit the link below:


Pikeville is a great place to study, live and work.

The University of Pikeville is located in Pikeville, a vibrant community in Eastern Kentucky.

Pikeville is a growing town nestled in the mountains of Appalachia, experiencing rebirth thanks to progressive thinking and leaders that believe in what Pikeville can be for the 21st century.